Acheteur Ultime is a powerful, multi-tasking main shop, igloo and abandoned attic autobuyer which can be used to purchase profitable items from Neopets shops. The application has a large range of functions and customizable settings which can be used to emulate the actions of a human player. Acheteur Ultime is able to locate and buy the most profitable items in milliseconds.

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Acheteur Ultime - a powerful Neopets Autobuyer


  • What operating systems will AU run on?
    Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. AU was created using Microsoft technology, so is unable to operate on MACs.
  • Other than autobuying, what else can AU do?
    AU can be configured to send items to your shop and price them automatically. AU can also complete quests for you and complete 'dailies'. You can tweak the settings to emulate your own activity, for example visiting random pages and pausing for various intervals. AU provides you with complete control!
  • Can I be logged in to Neopets in my browser whilst running AU?
    No - if you are active on your browser at the same time, then either you or AU will get logged out after a few minutes. This is due to changes Neopets makes to your cookies. However, AU is able to import and export cookies from/to Firefox - making it possible to switch between your browser and the program without needing to repeatedly relogin. With this option enabled, when you start AU your cookies will be imported and when you stop AU they will be exported. You will need to restart Firefox for the browser to pick up the exported cookies.
  • Can my Neopets account be frozen for using AU?
    AU emulates human activity very effectively and is undetectable if used carefully. As long as you don't set the 'minimum buy time' settings too low, AU should not be detected.
  • Does AU offer any features which other similar programs don't have?
    Besides having a fantastic user interface, AU is the only autobuyer which offers 'communal autobuying'. With this feature enabled, if another person's AU sees a restock in any shop, your AU will be notified and can catch the restock. AU is also highly optimized and is able to beat other autobuyers particularly in the igloo and attic. AU's Firefox login import/export is also a unique feature - which means you don't have to make a suspiciously high number of logins when switching between the program and your browser!